Monday, 17 August 2009

The invasion of the colonists - and a (semi) AFD with GREAT Italian...


And a good evening to you from across the Pond. This morning started rough. So as you might have been able to ascertain from the photos of last night’s blog, pub crawling with the Hitman, Mark Johnson, and Sister Mirza took it’s toll on the Taylors. In fact, after Chinese, we rolled home, and I was asleep at 10:30. The odd part was that I was WIDE AWAKE AT 1 AM, never to fall back asleep.

So I popped up at 6 and went to the office, where…wait for it…wait for it…I FINALLY did some cardio! I walked 3 km, including a full minute of uninterrupted running. It was nothing fancy, but I certainly breathed a sigh of relief. I’m hitting it again tomorrow, to see if I can run for 1:05. Hey – baby steps, but this way I at least find out, right?

Today was another GREAT day in London, as we formally kicked off some big sessions in the office. We got a lot done, and we even got out of there at a reasonable hour to go and enjoy some fine Italian (okay – THE BEST ITALIAN OUTSIDE OF ITALY). Mom – when you and Steve come, this is restaurant #1 on our list to take you (and promptly make you pay, of course…).

The apps were great – mozzarella, mushrooms doused in butter and garlic, and bruschetta. Add in some vino (yes, yes, it was ALMOST an AFD – a little glass of wine does NOT count – I just drink that for the anti-oxidants…) and mushroom Ravioli, and you’ve got a recipe for a fabulous meal.
Photos of the gang are attached. And while I don’t want to talk work, I will say that, if you have to work crazy hours on a stressful project, these are the folks you want to be in a foxhole with – some great folks (and friends) in these pics.
And parents – just to show you that Jenny and I do clean up well and are presentable from time to time, here’s a photo of Mr. and Mrs. Assignee 47:

Dad or Pattie – someone shoot me a note and tell me how the scrimmage went.

Okay, that’s all the news that’s fit to print. Chat tomorrow, after Jenny and I have a truly unique and “grass roots” experience – a First Division (3rd from the top) soccer match. Can’t wait – GOOOOOOO Leyton Orient!!!


Sam and Jenny

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