Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Turkey Part 3: Sammy vs. a 3rd World Parasite...


And a good evening to you from across the Pond on this fine Wednesday. So since returning to the UK, Sammy has been struggling mightily with an unexpected visitor that managed an illegal immigration to the Mother Country – a parasite from Istanbul. Not sure what he is, but he’s had me on the can for the last 3 days. And while this photo wasn’t taken in the spot where I’ve spent most of my days, it does pretty much sum up how I felt yesterday.

The good news is that I was actually able to eat real food today (as opposed to the 3 yogurt pots I’d managed over the previous 36 hours). So hopefully I’m on the road to recovery.

In other news, it’s been quiet in the world of Sam and Jenny. We spent the evening planning a trip to Cardiff next weekend for my birthday, and JT talked to her parents on Skype. Other than that, all quiet on the Western Front.

I will say that I finished my first Patricia Cornwell novel, “At Risk.” Quick, easy read – but not much there. If you need something to consume in a sitting, it’s worth the plunge. Otherwise, skip it. I am currently reading "The Night Listener," which is incredibly well written 80 pages in but not for the faint of heart on a lot of levels.

Okay, I know that’s short, but hey – it’s all the news that’s fit to print (and my little friend is calling...AGAIN). Chat tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

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