Wednesday, 29 July 2009

And now we've got 2 new friends in London...


And a good evening to you from across the Pond. What an AMAZING DAY! For starters, today was a great day at work. I went to Camberley (affectionately known as “London West”), where we discussed Absence and Sickness Processing for 9.5 hours. Yes, I realize that doesn’t exactly sound like it will stimulate brain cells, but I LOVED IT (and I even got a free Lavazza white coffee in the process). Seriously, I am now convinced that being an HR project manger is the job I was born to do - I LOVE IT!!!

Also, today Johnny Rice found out he’s having a GIRL! Congrats, brother!!!!! I am SO HAPPY and cannot wait to see her in December!!! I have thoughts on the name - call me first!

Also important - we met a GREAT couple tonight at our local - Sarah and Andy Elsmore. Randomly they were at our table, and I spoke to them telling them not to be worried about offending me based on my Southern accent (they were in a heated discussion about the American caste system). That turned into a 4 hour conversation and a friendship - GREAT STUFF!!!

Okay, so two big things last night that I didn’t get a chance to report:
1. Our laundry arrived! I am happy to report that all boxers with holes in them…well, still have holes in them. However, they are now clean, smell like daisies, and don’t have any new holes in them (which they undoubtably would have had should they have faced the wrath of the renegade bra wire).
2. Jenny and I activated our UK bank accounts. Okay, let me complain for a second here: If you don’t have an advanced degree in Mathematics, opening this account is near impossible. Key features of the UK Bank Account:
a. You need a pin to use it – no swiping – you have to key in this pin (which is computer generated, can’t be changed, and is NOT easy to remember) EVERY time you buy something or use the ATM.
b. You can’t just go to the bank and deposit money. No, no, you have to apply for a “paying in” book. Um, hello – Bank of America just let’s you throw your money at the ATM.
c. In addition to the Pin, you will always need your customer number. Please note that this is different from your:
i. Bank Account
ii. IBEN Number
iii. Sort Code
iv. SWIFT Code
d. The customer number cannot be changed either, and it is totally random (and TEN digits).
3. Oh, wait…not done – now you need your ACTIVATION CODE – it’s also 10 digits which you can’t change. If you are missing ANY of these 3 components, NO CASH FOR YOU.
4. And how do I get all these lovely numbers? Via 3 separate pieces of mail with some INSANE directions. Here’s how you read the code for your activation code:
a. Flip paper over.
b. Remove tab on back side of paper.
c. Gently scratch off silver cover.
d. Flip paper back over.
e. Close tab on back side.
f. Read code.
g. Destroy paper.

In case you're curious, the net effect is this:
Okay, that's about all the news that's fit to print. Chat with you tomorrow!
Sam and Jenny

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