Saturday, 18 July 2009

We will, we will ROCK YOU


WOW - what a perfect day in London. We awoke ~9:45 to sunny skies and great weather (translation - 65 degrees with a light breeze and patches of blue). So you can start to see the normal Taylor rituals, here's a photo of the balcony I step onto every Sat and Sunday to take my coffee (yes Tom and Mandy, we actually DO take the coffee on the balcony, unlike all those HouseHunters posers).

Also, here's a shot of my wife (aka the "Tractor Beam of Hotness") preparing our weekend cup of joe in the tea kettle:

So, we got out and about after brekkie and walked to Piccadilly Square, where we bought tix for the matinee of "We Will Rock You," which was AMAZING. Dude, this was three GREAT hours of entertainment, featuring the music of Queen and some RIDICULOUSLY talented singers. Talk about rockin' the party that rocks the pinata. If it comes anywhere close to a theater near you, SEE IT.
After that, I talked to mom (hi mom!) before rolling over to the Coal Hole for our first pint of Timmy Taylor (my favorite UK beer) before wandering back into Soho for dinner at a (not so fabulous) Indian restaurant.

And now we're back at the flat (heavy a few groceries). Jenny's writing in her journal, and I'm about to update the "expenses list" (code for "tracking every purchase to ensure we can afford this fiasco").
That's all the news that's fit to print for now. Well, other than the fact that I am happy to confirm the Transformers 2 soundtrack is AWESOME.
Chat soon!
Sam and Jenny

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