Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Farewell to a good friend...

Ladies and gentlemen - I present to you - Lisa Placks. Also known as Money Penny and the Hobbit, she is 5 foot nothing, 100 and nothing, and absolutely one of my favorite people on earth. Lisa was my first ever Accenture (new) analyst I staffed after moving to the bank. She actually tried to torpedo the interview because she wanted to move back to Fiji and dive, but somehow I managed to suck her in and ultimately coerce her into becoming a member of the Evil Empire. She is, by all accounts, a brilliant teammate and an even better person. And now, after 2 years with us, she's setting sail and moving with her fella to the British Virgin Islands. Lisa - I am so proud of you and happy for you, but you will be sorely missed. Just be sure to drop us an address, as you WILL have visitors. :-)
Okay, enough of this sappy foolishness - that is not what Sam Taylor is about! Today was another great day, topped off with 1) pints of Staropramen at the busiest All Bar One in the United Kingdom with Money Penny (see above if you haven't yet really been paying attention) and then 2)dinner at my FAVORITE Italian place in London - La Figa. Let me tell you - the Mushroom Ravioli will change your life. :-) Add in a bottle of house vino, and you've got a recipe for two slightly tipsy Americans deciphering the tube on the way home.
Two important points to note:
1) Our air crate arrived today! We now have the following (other than an apartment that looks like Beirut, of course):
a) a fan that we're not sure will work in the UK (due to the power/adaptor thing)
b) books that we probably won't read
c) frames that have NO pictures in them (but will probably be REALLY cool once we figure out what to put in them)
d) coasters that we probably won't use (because we are always drinking out...)
e) coats that we won't use until February...but at least they come with hangars!!!
f) Some stuff that we don't actually remember packing - you wouldn't believe the amount of USED deodorant that has just arrived on our doorstep
g) 1,000 packets of Splenda (that's right - thank you, CostCo...and NO, we won't be renewing our membership)
2) I wandered back into the gym today. Let's be real clear for first timers: weights are in KILOGRAMS. That means that if you think you can lift it, YOU CAN'T. Details, details...I love being emasculated...
Okay, that's about all the news that's fit to print. As always, thanks for reading. And for all of you new followers, I hope I didn't disappoint. If you didn't laugh, give me a week. I'm like novacaine - I just take time...
Sam and Jenny

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