Thursday, 23 July 2009


And a good evening to you across the Pond as we chase the upcoming weekend. Tons to report today - it's been busy!

1. Good news - we are getting reimbursed for our shredded clothes. I must give the Brits a lot of credit here - customer service to date has been impeccable.

2. So as I mentioned, our air crate arrived yesterday. After dinner tonight (Muffin Puffin is currently whipping up some green thai curry!), we are going to get into these boxes and find out "what lies beneath." Honestly, it's going to be like Christmas morning in this place.

3. I say that to get to tonight's photo - as you know, we are low on hangars. Rather than do more ironing and have MORE clothes strewn about, I put on the only ironed shirt and pants I had. The result is that I spent the day in what you see below, prompting Jenny to ask "exactly how long have you been working for UPS?" FUNNY GIRL!!!!!

4. I just received a piece of mail addressed to: "Samuel Taylor, Esquire." That's right, fools - show me the proper respect!

5. Today was day 2 in the gym and day 1 back into cardio. WOW, how the mighty have fallen. Today Sam and the spare tire around his waist pitted themselves against the dreaded Versa Climber - one of those scaling cardio machines I've always wanted to try. I selected the lowest object (the Washington Monument, which is, by the way, 555 feet tall), thinking I would whip through this little task. The first 2 minutes were brilliant, a beacon of athleticism. The last 3 (that's right, I lasted only FIVE MINUTES) were something like what I envision a punishment from Dante's inferno to be. All in all, I only got 60% of the way up the Washington Monument. I know, dad...CANDY MALDANADO.

6. AC - finished the Dante Club - agree with you, okay not great. Next up, I'm moving to try this Twilight series I keep hearing so much about. Jenny has told me I will hate it, but hey - that's why the London Underground exists - to shuffle you to work while you plow through recycled paper.

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat with you cats tomorrow. Fingers crossed that none of our stuff was broken!


Sam and Jenny

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