Friday, 17 July 2009

Week 1 is in the Books - Recap

And a good evening to you all from what was a rainy day in "the Smoke." Today was a good day - Square Pie for lunch (basically a steak and cheese pot pie, 2 scoops of mashed potatoes with gravy, and mushy peas...also covered in gravy), followed by a run to Waitrose (a local grocery store chain), and then dinner with the Tavares clan over in their flat in the wharf.

Lord G (a buddy of ours named Mark) also came by, and it was a blast. Their flat is amazing - floor to ceiling windows overlooking the River, Tower Bridge, Eye, the Gerkin, and the Olympic Stadium. We tried Innis & Gunn Blonde (a beer brewed in leftover cask ales from Jack Daniels barrells) was basically like drinking whiskey, but without the potency. Give me Gentleman Jack any day.

Also, we saw some great fireworks from out of the windows (they live on floor 28!). Very cool.

So a week has already passed, and we have loved every second of it. The commute has turned out really to be no commute at all, I had the sushi I'd been craving, I had Indian, I got to see some good friends, the foot is feeling better, I finally have i-Tunes on a computer of my own, Jenny has 2-3 potential job offers, I met my new team and confirmed they are rock stars, the flat is better than I expected, we're got a driver willing to go to the horse races whenever, we are first in line for free season tickets to West Ham (Go Hammers!), and we found a cheap gym. Who could ask for anything more? The only concern is that we've only got 49 weeks of immortality left, and this is a fairy tale at the moment.

Tomorrow is food shopping, ironing, breakfast, some sleep, theater (hopefully Waiting for Godot), and dinner somewhere (prob indian). Sunday might be Hampstead court (TBD based on weather).

That's all the news that's fit to print for now. Chat soon!


Sam and Jenny

P.S. Dad - if you're reading this, call or email me to tell me how Pattie and company ended up in the State tourney.

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