Thursday, 30 July 2009

Leaving drinks and a toast to a (soon to be) new pappa...


And a good afternoon to you from across the Pond. SO MUCH TO CATCH YOU UP ON! So let's start rolling through it:

1. Foot update: So those of you who've read this thing every day know the never ending saga of Sam's feet. Well, despite that fact that the horrible smell they now produce (courtesy of wearing tennis shoes EVERYWHERE...even in the office), I am pleased to report that the ankle is now magically back to normal and the other foot continues to improve. I am hopeful that, in 3 weeks time, I'll be able to run again. At least, that's the thought.

2. Today I was back in Camberley, where the weather went from perfect to monsoon season in exactly 3.3 seconds. However, the evening was simply perfect. The train ride back was uneventful, so no complaints there. But I have to tell you - this office is AWESOME. There is this thing called a "smart board" where you can simply touch the screen and draw with your finger. Then, you can clip a button and you can share what's on the screen with computers all over the world. Basically, it enables you to play the largest game of Pictionary in HISTORY. Yes, yes..I'm easily amused.

3. I finished Six Sacred Stones tonight - dude - this book COOKS. Absolutely fantastic. And the best part, there will be more to come in the search for the six vertices of the machine...

4. My random observation for the day - I have eaten in 2 separate canteens here in the UK (aka cafeterias), and both of them seem to have the Dirty Dancing soundtrack on a loop. Today I heard "Time of My Life" for the second day in a row, and I've heard "She's Like the Wind" EVERY time I've been down in the Wharf. Chuck, I know that makes you want to go find Chris Brook and watch Road House together...

5. So tonight was a fantastic night. I met up with Liz (fellow expat), Mark (former mate from Chester now living down here), Owain (soon to be proud papa of a little girl and the man teaching me Welsh), and Lisa (the good friend I had leaving drinks with several posts back - moving to BVI), and Muffin Puffin for dinner at Zizzi. Jenny went with the staple - the Legendary Clarissa Calzone. As tradition dictates, I selected something else, intent on besting her dish...and I failed YET AGAIN (I think that was the 30th consecutive loss). However, the food was still good, the company fantastic, and the view out the window from our table simply spectacular.
Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. Chat soon!


Sam and Jenny

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