Wednesday, 15 July 2009

July 15 - Livin' the Dream!!!!

Hello family - another great day in the UK! We've had two very long days at work (12.5 and an 11.5 hour days), but we've accomplished a ton. We've figured out the quickest way to the tube stop (and figured out the RIGHT tube stop) - we're now ~40 minutes door to door, which is great. Basically, it goes like this:

1. Headphones in for the morning walk (10 min)
2. 19 min on the train (read a book)
3. walk to office (5 min) - get the game face on :-)

Tonight was a meal at GBK (that's gourmet burger kitchen), which was so guuuuuud. JT went with the Pesterella (had pesto and mozzarella cheese - AND it was med rare!), and I pounded through the Avocado & Bacon burger (with streaky bacon, of course).

The foot is feeling better, which is a good thing. Also, we've found 3 pubs within 2 blocks of the flat, one that's carrying Deuchar's! Good stuff.

Tomorrow will be drinks at the Prospect of Whitby and then dinner at La Figa - good stuff, and THE BEST ravioli I've ever had. The weekend is HP6 and a show (TBD, but we're thinking Waiting for Godot with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan).

Not much else to report - I'm feeling more than a little chubby, so I'm definitely ready to run!

Also, we should have a bank account on Thursday!

Okay, signing off for now. Chat soon!


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