Sunday, 12 July 2009

Day 2 - This place is better than we thought!


What a day! After 13 hours of sleep last night (MUCH NEEDED), we woke up to a beautiful day. Last night was great - we hung with the Tavares Clan in Piccadilly before rolling over to China Town for dinner at Feng Shuen (I'm sure that's misspelled). My boss would have been severely disappointed that I didn't get the duck (or a Tsing Tao), but I had some great crispy squid. Also, I tried a Butcombe bitter, which I highly recommend.

Today we discovered that we're only 6 minutes from the high street and 9 from Baker St (yes, the Sherlock Holmes Baker St). We're going to use that as our Tube stop tomorrow - it's closer AND we've got a better shot at getting a seat. We wandered for an hour or so through Regent Park (this place is amazing! Absolutely beautiful Rose Garden - GREAT little boating river - perfect for running) before wandering through Camden market, where some gal with a whip was lifting coke cans with every crack (yeah, it's really hard to explain - but I took a great polariod).

Jenny bought a cute little dress (she's so European :-)), which she'll soon be wearing with stocking and boots (with the fuuuuuuuuur). Then we hit a GREAT Indian joint called Bombay Spice before rolling back home (where I'm currently blogging). In sporting news, Pattie Ruth Taylor lifted Morristown women's softball over her opponents 9-3 in the first round of the state softball tournament - go get 'em Tiger.

Tomorrow's back to work - I'm still not really convinced this is real...


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