Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The slow climb back to health...and the first bet of the adventure...


And a good evening to you on the other side of the Pond. Today started ROUGH. As I think I mentioned yesterday, I had a little ankle pain throughout the day. Today, getting to the tube was almost impossible. I honestly thought I was going to have to call in sick tomorrow due to immobility. That being said, as I type this, ankle elevated and iced, it has loosened up quite a bit today. I have faith that, eventually, I will be able to jog again. Until then, I should offer up the bet that my good buddy Tom "Dunlap" Price mentioned today:

Over/Under on the number of pounds Sammy IV gains during his time in the UK: I am placing the Over/Under at 7 pounds, and I welcome all comers. Tait - I bet dollars to pesos you've already made your mind up to take the over. Chuck, which one do you think Johnnie T would have taken?

Rice - if you are reading this, shoot me an email or call my BB and give me the news. I'm dying here.

Not a whole lot else to report this evening. Muffin Puffin is still at work (poor thing), due to an 8 PM meeting. However, I'm expecting her home any second, at which point I will be a good hubby and warm up some leftovers. :-)

As miniscule as it is, that's all the news that's fit to print. Time to get back to Matthew Reilly and "The Six Sacred Stones." Chat with you guys tomorrow!


Sam and Jenny

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