Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A few truly "expat" experiences...


And a good evening to you all. Some classic encounters between my beautiful bride and British appliances to report:

1. Currently, Jenny has enlisted the help of the front desk to turn on the oven. She and I have pushed every single button in every conceivable fashion in every conceivable order, and it's still as cold as the morgue. This does not bode well for the the goat's cheese and spinach pizza we had planned for dinner.

2. So Jenny washed our first load of clothes yesterday. If you aren't familiar, it's an "all-in-one" washer-dryer unit that normally requires you to still hang and lay out ALL of your clothes for a day to get them dry. Case in point - look at the current state of our dining room table:

We are old hat at this, but it is compounded by #3 and #4.

3. In our haste, we forgot to pack one minor thing - CLOTHES HANGARS. While this might seem like a tiny hurdle back in the colonies, it is a nightmare for us "Europeans." Why, you ask? Because we can't find a single store that sells them! I'm about ready to break into the cloak room at a nice restaurant and make off like Jesse James.

4. So, it should be noted that, once a drying cycle is finished, these washers sound as though there is a SPACE SHUTTLE LAUNCHING IN YOUR KITCHEN. This time, however, there was an added twist - the speed and the jagged edges of the tumbler served to shred FOUR SHIRTS AND A PAIR OF SOCKS! (Uncle Benny - they diced my Balaga's you got me - the horror, the horror!). Tomorrow I will be chatting with the management company about why, exactly, our Washer/dryer is something out of the Amityville Horror and what they are going to do to compensate us for the losses of JT's cute little tops (all from Marshall's in this go-around).

And now, some more good news:

1. Our air shipment arrives tomorrow! We will finally have the rest of our clothes, or picture frames, books, etc. to make this place look at a bit less IKEA.

2. Tomorrow begins the return to greatness. Tait, I am definitely NOT as spry as you've ever seen me, and I am hitting the gym tomorrow like a banshee.

3. After 5 weeks, I can finally see the veins on my foot again (meaning it's not swollen like a sea elephant)! While I still feel it if I try to stride, there's at least some progress being made.

4. In case we didn't tell folks, we booked our first trip! We're heading to Munich, Zurich, and Lucerne in August and September - we are SO EXCITED!!!

5. We've found another good pub - the George. Also ~5 min from the flat, it proudly boasts Abbot Ale (particularly good and caramel this evening) and Green King IPA, two solid UK cask ales (also served "cellar temp").

UPDATE: We have uncovered the secret of the oven. We will actually be fed tonight. All quite exciting.

Okay, that's the news that's fit to print. Welcome back to the Lower 48, Tacy Family! Glad you guys saw McKinley and had a blast!


Sam and Jenny

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