Friday, 24 July 2009

Ode to a fallen comrade...

Good evening to all those of you across the Pond. This, my dear friends, is my good buddy, the Cost Co fan. But this is no ordinary fan. This is a fan that has passed many a cool breeze through our condo in Charlotte in July when I was too cheap to pay for central air. This is a fan that has lowered our body temperature on many an occasion in August when we simply had to watch 24 straight hours of Lost on DVD whilst refusing to crank the AC.

Unfortunately this is also a fan that absolutely EXPLODED last night when I tried to hook it up. That's right - despite being 100% certain that I had the right adaptor and power connection, our house smelled of burnt flint for about 10 minutes last night. Fan - for all you've done, for all you've been -we salute you and hope that St. Peter opens the Pearly Gates to you, so that you may fan better and more worthy people than me for eternity to come.
But the good news - it's the weekend!!! Today was great - we left work ~5 and hit a really cute pub around St. Paul's. We had Chiswick (brewed by Fuller's - it's a cellar temp ale) and Honeydew, an organic ale that runs through a chiller (quite tasty, but served in a rather Belgian (aka feminine) goblet). After that, we wandered around the theater district for a bit, where we encountered the joys of the British summer.

For starters, let's just observe the sky. On one end, there's me, with the winds of the Apocalypse (and a rainbow) behind me (to the left).

Then there's Jenny, with the sun so bright I can't even get a photo (and keep in mind it's POURING ON US the entire time).

Then there's the stray taxi that feels the need to hug the curb (which happens to be where all the water collects, just in case there's a, say...there was in 1666). The result (beware all visitors) is this:

The silver lining, however, was in the walk home, and it made every soaking wet step worth it. Check the name of this pub:

That's right - the BUNG HOLE. "Where are you going tonight? - the Bung Hole? Yes, I love the Bung Hole! I LOVE going in there! It's so warm and cozy! You know, you can always get what you want in the Bung Hole! It's perfect!" I mean, I could go on for hours - this is too easy...
However, all was not lost, as we cashed in a 50% off voucher at La Tasca, a Spanish Tapas place. Yes, Yes, I KNOW...Sam Taylor at a Tapas Bar? But alas, I must confess it's true, and we have video evidence to prove it.

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print. It's probably worth noting that we're having the absolute time of our lives, and we can't believe that two weeks have already passed. Chat soon!

Sam and Jenny

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