Monday, 20 July 2009

Finding a Local...


And a good evening to you across the Pond. I type this after a fantastic bowl of Scottish mushroom and creps (not sure what that is...) soup, packaged in a bag and courtesy of Sainsbury's local, the grocery store on our block. Okay, good news first - we have found a local watering hole! On our block is a cute little place with outdoor tables and leather couches called the Masons Arms. Best of all - I am happy to report that they serve Deuchar's IPA, the best Scottish (and for the moment dare I say British!) ale to be found. It's a cask ale, which means it's hand pulled from the cellar. So yes, it's served more or less room temperature. But given the goose bumps on JT's arms as we drank, I don't think that's a bad thing. :-)
Okay, so a lot of you have asked us for pics of the flat. Here's the living room, complete with a plasma TV (which, for the record, we pay $300 a year just to have in our flat! It's called a TV license...yes, I know, I know - insert the socialist joke here), where I am currently typing the blog.
Next up, we come to the kitchen, complete with our first ever pantry! It's amazing to not have to restock and move EVERY pan to find the one you need. Parents, if we had this much space in Charlotte, we wouldn't have 75% of our wedding gifts STILL at your places. :-)
Last but not least is the bedroom, complete with the 3rd plasma of the flat (don't worry - we don't pay the license fee on each of them!) and our first ever king size bed. Dude, this thing is off the chain - I had no idea how good this thing would sleep. I'd ask Jenny to confirm, but she falls asleep about 12 seconds after she lays down - I really, really hope the kids take after her. Mom, Nanny - I'm sure you'll both agree. :-)
That's about all that's fit to print tonight. Tomorrow I will go for my fitness consultation, where they will tell me I look like a beached whale after finding a buy-one-get-one-free deal from Papa Johns. After that will commence the road to greatness (aka burning off this spare tire I'm currently peddling). As always, thanks for reading, and keep the emails coming!
Sam and Jenny

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